Our company offers editing, proofreading, and expertise services of previously translated documents, as well as originally crafted texts that need some work done to give a professional & proper look for personal, academic, official, business or government purposes. 

1) Translations

When a translation of source-to-target language is done, it is important to perform two more steps - editing and proofreading - to make sure that the text does not read as a translation but rather as the originally created content in the target language. We assign a highly skilled editor who polishes up the translated text by blending style, lexicology and specific terminology in a sensitive to cultural nuances way. Then, we assign an independent expert - also the native speaker of the target language - who rigorously proofreads the translated+edited text, maintaining highest level of quality and adding additional check for accuracy, readability and effectiveness of translation. 

"ISG Translation World" is happy to provide editing and proofreading services, whether you need to double-check the accuracy of the previously translated text or if you are not satisfied with translation performed by some other source. 

2) Non-Translated Texts/ Documents, such as (but not limited to):

  • Business letters

  • Resumes/ Cover letters

  • Books

  • Research Papers

  • Scientific Works

  • Essays

Our highly skilled linguists provide a thorough review of documents by correcting grammatical errors, including punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, spelling, and sentence structure, checking for completeness, readability, consistency and clarity.

For academic editing, our professional editors will follow the writing style you prefer (eg. APA, Chicago, MLA). 

Please, call our office at 347-4927893 to speak to our professional in regards to document editing, proofreading & expertise, or feel free to submit a quote.

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