Whether you are a health professional, an attorney, a professor, a student or holding a business meeting, our company can provide you with accurate and complete transcription services of Audio and Video files.

Our experienced transcribers are competent in the following fields:

  • Legal transcriptions

  • Medical transcriptions

  • Court transcriptions

  • Conference calls

  • Business transcriptions

  • Academic transcriptions

  • Meetings

  • Interviews

  • Podcasts

Besides delivering a highly professional transcriptions in a verbatim mode (every word is transcribed including false starts uh, hums, hmm, etc.) or time-coded mode (the transcript is time stamped at interval specified), we also offer edit & proofread, and translation of transcriptions into over 70 languages.

 We work with transcription projects in the following formats:

CDs, DVDs, MP3, MP4, MOV, WMA, DIVX, AF, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, minidiscs, flash drives, audio cassettes, micro/mini cassettes and other analog formats.

Our quality and reliable services are offered in a reasonable and cost effective manner. The rates depend on the length of the recording, quality of the sound, numbers of speakers, deadline and any additional variables, such as accents, background noise, special formatting, etc. We value our clients and offer discounts on all high volume orders. 

Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery.
— Mark Amidon

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