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Document Translation

Document translation is one of our core services. We receive a high volume of different types of documents on a daily basis, and offer a personalized approach to all your needs. Besides accurate and on time translation, our experienced professionals provide the service in accordance with specific requirements, such as preserving the format of a document, its cultural and stylistic features. 


Medical Translation

Knowing the life and death nature of medical texts, our company puts a strong emphasis on the quality of medical translations. We specialize in accurate and reliable translations of clinical, pharmaceutical, technical and marketing documentation, software and training curriculum for medical devices and healthcare field. Our team of professional certified translators are efficient in complex medical terminology and compliant with the standards of medical translation. 

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Legal Translation

When it comes to legal document translation, there is no room for error. Someone’s life and freedom might be at stake, so delivering accurate and well-written translations with no ambiguity is our goal. Our team of native language professionals went through extensive legal courses, obtained necessary education, certifications and substantial experience, serving attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals. Our legal documents are expertly translated, edited, proofread, and certified.


Technical/ Scientific Translation

Due to a constant society development and technological growth, our company understands how critical it is to perform a precise scientific, technical, and engineering translation to the smallest details.  Our experienced professionals ensure the proper use of industry-related terminology, specifics of the context, its stylistic and linguistic sensitivity.  

Language is an anonymous, collective and unconscious art; the result of the creativity of thousands of generations.
— Edward Sapir

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