Factors Affecting Translation Price

When you place an order for #translation services, have you ever wondered what's included in the price?

Which factors are taking into consideration by a #translation #company when you’re provided a quote for a translation project?

  1. Language pair. The smaller is the number of native speakers of the language, the smaller is the number of professional translators available. Thus, language rarity affects the translation quote.

  2. Number of words. Typically, translation companies charge by word (or by number of pages). Depending on the language, the average rate per word is 10 to 20 cents. Be advised, that at ISG Translation World, the volume of documents matters. The higher the volume of various documents to be translated, the less is the overall price. Now it does not mean that the translation quality is cheaper, it means that we highly value our clients and offer good #discounts to those who have a substantial amount of work to be done.

  3. Turnaround time. There is a price difference between regular and rush translations. We understand that in our modern life, many unpredictable events occur. That’s why ISG Translation World helps to minimize client’s cost by planning ahead and by offering to deliver partial projects. We are very flexible and adjust to clients’ needs.

  4. Document format. Translating a page of simply typed text is much faster and easier than translating a page of text with graphs, tables, pictures, seals, stamps, various fonts, etc. One of the priorities of ISG Translation World is to preserve the format and provide a mirror translation of the source document. Our translators are high tech and equipped with providing not only quality translations but also “mirroring” the difficult design and format of the document.

  5. Subject matter/ text complexity. Translation rates of general texts are always lower than medical, legal, technical, or scientific texts. The latter ones require expertise, additional terminology check and consulting with native specialists.

  6. Quality of translation. Some companies/ individuals may offer very low prices because they only use 1 translator for the project. Regardless of a translator’s experience and qualifications, ISG Translation World never relies solely on 1 translator. All our translation projects go through quality assurance and performed at least by 2 to 3 professionals, which means that your project is not only well translated, by also edited and proofread.

  7. Certification and notary. If you need to submit a translation to the US Immigration and Citizenship Services, academic institution or other government agency, you will need a #certified translation (translator confirms the accuracy and competency to translate) and/or sometimes a #notarized translation. Depending on the volume of the translation project, ISG Translation World may offer #translation certification and notary for FREE.

Most importantly, ISG Translation World provides realistic quotes that fit your budget. Our prices are reasonable and affordable. At the same time, our services are worth every penny of our professionalism!

To find out more about factors that affect a lower or higher translation #quote, please enjoy this short video describing the quote breakdown.